Be Active Volunteer Sighted Guides

Are you interested in becoming a Volunteer Guide for local blind and partially sighted people? As part of our Be Active service we are looking for dedicated, compassionate and supportive people to join our team of wonderful volunteers in the Be Active service.

The Be Active Service matches trained and dedicated volunteers with blind and partially sighted adults. This partnership enables visually impaired people to get out and about and to participate in a wide range of community activities, either as a one-off partnership or as an ongoing, regular group activity.

Which includes, walking pet dogs, personal shopping, medical appointments, museum and art exhibitions, social and recreational events, theatre and cinema trips, holiday/vacation support, personal banking and finances, swimming sessions, Chester races and Aintree Grand National, arts and craft workshops, computer training, driving experiences, walking, tandem cycling, Irish/Scottish folk music events, yoga and zumba classes, fishing, visiting recreational parks/stately homes and botanic gardens and visiting places of worship.


Case study 1

“I am 59-year-old woman and I am registered blind. As a visually impaired person, there is very little for me to do in my area so I was delighted to hear about a social event in Liverpool. As I live outside the Liverpool area, I needed help and support to get me to and from the event. Bradbury Fields Be Active Service made this possible as they provided me with sighted guide assistance and the transport to travel to and from the venue. The social event gave me the opportunity to meet new friends and mix with other visually impaired people” 

Case study 2

“My name is K and I am 55 and I am registered severely sight impaired.  I also have a respiratory condition too. As part of my recovery I wanted to get fitter and healthier so that I can manage my physical health and wellbeing. Thanks to the Be Active service I am now attending the gym sessions on a weekly basis. The gym sessions have helped me and the staff are very approachable and professional – without the be active volunteers I feel there would be no service for me to participate safely in the gym session as the volunteers are such a valuable link to the service.”

Case study 3

“My name is C and I am registered severely sight impaired. I live alone, and I struggle when I am outdoors as I do like to be active. I was introduced to a be active volunteer to assist me as I have difficulty locating and accessing the City Centre of Liverpool. My be active volunteer enables me to have a bit more freedom and choice especially when I need to go shopping for clothes as I need help in the changing areas, choosing styles and colours or looking for those bargains in store. I also feel a lot safer knowing that I can rely and trust my volunteer to help me when I am out and about in unfamiliar areas too, My volunteer can also assist me when going to the cinema, theatre and other functions of my choice as without this help I wouldn’t be unable to do these activities on my own”


The Be Active Service aims to:-


  • Break social isolation and promotes inclusion
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Offer peer support and the opportunity to meet other visually impaired people.
  • Raise the profile of visually impaired people within the community
  • Increase independence and offers choice to the individual
  • Promote physical activity as a way to improve a person’s mental and physical well being
  • Provide a person centred support system by identifying individual need.
  • Signposting individuals to appropriate, local and affordable opportunities
  • Improved mental and physical wellbeing could result in a reduction in treatments and medications

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