Why Volunteer?

Volunteering for Bradbury Fields is a rewarding experience. You build skills, confidence and a support network. Bradbury Fields believe everyone has something to offer, and if you want to support your local community there is no better way than to volunteer.

Our volunteers are at the core of everything we do. Without them we wouldn’t be able to provide our vital services for blind and partially sighted people. With them the world is a more welcoming and supportive place. 

Many of our volunteers are themselves blind or partially sighted. We find this not only builds the volunteers confidence and independence, but also provides understanding support network for our service users. Are you blind and partially sighted and would like to offer something back to the commuity? We welcome volunteers of all levels of ability and we will make adjustments to put your skills to best use. 

Volunteer Awards 2018

All of our volunteers are immensely valuable, and we appreciate the time and hard work that each one of our volunteers gives us. Once a year, we give awards to a volunteer who has shown themselves especially valuable to our community.

The winners at this year’s Bradbury Fields Volunteer Awards 2018 are:

Interested in volunteering for Bradbury Fields? Have a look below for current volunteer requirements.