Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation is the name for the advice, training and support available to help visually impaired people find new ways of dealing with the practical and emotional difficulties they may have as a result of their sight loss. Through these services we help people regain their independence.

Information and Advocacy

Bradbury Fields specializes in helping visually impaired people to apply for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and Attendance Allowance (AA). We help ensure blind and partially sighted people get the aid they are entitled to.


Bradbury Fields has become a major player in the field of providing information in other formats, including print to Braille and audio formats. Our transcription service can take any piece of text and translate it into a format suitable blind and partially sighted people. We want to make the world a more accessible place.

Social and Activity Clubs

Our clubs allow blind and partially sighted people to take part in a range of social and physical activities. Bradbury Fields clubs enable people to become more healthy, happy and confident. From art sessions to zumba, there is so much to do at Bradbury Fields.

Resource Centre

Bradbury Fields offer a wide range of accessibility resources, products and technology designed to make your life easier. Our online resource store is currently under construction. You can click below to find out more about the resource centre, opening times and contact information.