COVID 19 Information

PRESS RELEASE – Dated 25th March for immediate release – From Bradbury Fields Services for Blind and Partially Sighted people.

As we have now entered a new phase in the approach to tackling the spread of coronavirus with many people being asked to self-isolate, Bradbury Fields services for Blind and Partially Sighted People  have taken the decision  to close the Bradbury Centre.

Key staff are now able to work from home and our service approach has changed to try and keep in contact with those people who we feel may be or become more vulnerable. We are eternally grateful to our volunteers who have offered to support the staff in terms of keeping in phone contact with people and if essential, will also support people at home.  

Our full switchboard facilities  should be in place over the next couple of days when connecting kits are available for our Admin Team. We will then be able  to answer your calls between 10 am and 4 pm Monday to Friday and an answer machine will continue to be in place outside of these hours.

In the meantime, if you feel it would be helpful to talk to somebody you can call:

Shirley Horsman on 0151 259 0138 or

Margaret Guppy on 0151 726 0161

Once the new switchboard arrangements are in place and calls are redirected to the Admin Team,  Shirley and Margaret will then be available to take calls from 4pm to 9pm

A special thanks here to Shirley and Margaret for their support.

Philip Longworth, Chief Executive says “in such challenging times, let’s all do our bit to isolate as instructed, keep safe and well and help our NHS to cope as best it can over forthcoming weeks. All at Bradbury Fields would like to extend our genuine thank you to the key workers in the NHS, Social Care services, food retailers and distributers for their help in looking after us at this time.

Philip Longworth
Chief Executive

25th March, 2020