Bradbury Fields Launch Phone-in News and Events Line

Bradbury Fields have launched phone-in news and events line so that visually impaired people can stay up to date with events at the charity and local news.

When someone calls 0151 221 0889 they will hear a prerecorded message that is updated regularly.

A lot of blind and partially sighted people use the internet, and use this for updates on events and news. However, there is still a significant portion of the community that don’t.

This new service from Bradbury Fields will keep some of the most isolated people in our communities updated, and aims to bridge the gap for people cut off by technological advances.

Despite the widespread popularity of the internet, there are still five million people in the UK who have never used it.

At Bradbury Fields inclusivity is very important to us. We will always make extra effort to ensure that everyone has access to our services, and that is the reason we have launched this new phone line.

The Bradbury Fields News and Events line is available 24/7 by calling 0151 221 0889