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A Message to Our Volunteers

Dear Friend,

Over recent weeks we have all had to deal with major impacts upon our lives and sadly in some instances upon our families too. These are clearly challenging and unprecedented times which are putting major pressure on all charitable organisations in terms of trying to maintain a level of service and replacing the lost income. For Bradbury Fields, 45% of our income has stopped overnight. 

The purpose of this note is to thank those of you who have been involved or offered support during this time and also to wish those of you who are unable to do these things our best wishes as you live through the isolation.
In terms of providing services, we are ringing all of the people on our databases to check that they are okay and identify if they need support. There are 5,000 people in total which means that this is taking a little time, but we are making good progress. 

We are also launching telephone and online discussion/activity groups which may include such things as quizzes, reading group, peer support IT group, etc. 

All of this is only possible because we have attracted some specific COVID-19 funding and I am also grateful to our Local Authority and Health Services who have allowed us to use our contract funding in the most effective way at this time. 

We all look forward to the time when we can start to get back to normal but I would like to reassure our service users and yourselves that in the meantime we will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that people keep safe, have the food that is required and are able to interact with other people to reduce the sense of isolation. 

Your continued support is really appreciated, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your encouragement through these times. 
With kind regards,

Phil Longworth 
Chief Executive