Dine In The Dark

Dine in the Dark

Dive into your senses at Dine in the Dark

The absence of sight allows you to taste the intense flavours, take in the sounds and smells around you and experience textures through touch.  Bradbury Fields is bringing this immersive experience of Dine in the Dark to independent restaurants and bars across Liverpool.

How it Works

Upon arrival you will have the opportunity to mix with other guests whilst enjoying a drink at the bar.  Once seated you will be formally welcomed by your compere.  Your first course will be served, giving you the opportunity to visually take in your surroundings before you are invited to put your sleep shade on, for just 15 minutes.  This experience allows you to appreciate some of the everyday challenges that blind people face whilst in social settings.  The option of how long or often you wear your sleep shade is then up to you.

Upcoming Meals

To find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.