Brad The Elephant

Hello, I’m Brad and I live in the sensory garen at Bradbury Fields where I like to sniff all the beautiful plants with my trunk. My eyesight isn’t very good but I have the best sense of smell in the whole animal kingdom. I enjoy swimming and going on adventures which makes me very hungry. I eat the equivalent of 375 tins of baked beans in grass, plants and fruit every day.

I also love my job raising money for Bradbury Fields who help all of my blind andd partially sighted friends. It makes my ears flap with happiness!

Here are Brad’s top 5 personality traits!

  1. Brad is very clever and can solve problems with tools.
  2. Using his amazing memory, Brad has a mental map which helps him to remember where all of the watering holes are over very long distances and time periods.
  3. Brad can dig watering holes in dry river beds which helps all of the animals who live around him.
  4. Brad is very thoughtful and caring of others, he enjoys hugging elephant friends using their trunks.
  5. Brad can squeak, trumpet and he flaps his ears when he’s happy.

5 Fun Facts about Brad!

  1. Brad east the equivalent of 375 tins of baked beans in grass, plants and fruit every day.
  2. This means he produces about 1 tonne of poo each week.
  3. He is a very good swimmer and uses his trunk as a snorkel.
  4. Even though Brad’s skin is very thick it can still get sunburned, but don’t worry he makes his own sunscreen by throwing mud and sand on his back with his trunk.
  5. Brad has small eyes and poor eyesight but he has the best sense of smell in the animal kingdom, he can smell water up to 12 miles away.


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Summer Time Brad Colouring In Activity

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