What is rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is the name for the advice, training and support available to help visually impaired people find new ways of dealing with the practical and emotional difficulties they may have as a result of their sight loss.

All people registered as visually impaired are legally entitled to a free assessment of their needs.

What can rehabilitation help with?

Bradbury Fields' rehabilitation team specializes in three main areas:

  • mobility
  • communication
  • independent living skills.

Examples of the support they can provide in these areas include:


  • Providing, and training you to use, the correct mobility aid (eg. white cane)
  • Advising on the safest routes to take, and teaching you these routes,
  • Advising on how to obtain travel services such as Merseylink, disabled parking badges, concessionary travel passes etc.
  • Teaching family members the most efficient sight guide techniques


  • Computer training, such as typing and the use of assistive technology (eg. magnification and screen reading software)
  • Note taking and recording information on dictaphones
Service user reading with a magnifyng glass
  • Training to use stereo equipment
  • Advice on accessing information, books, magazines etc in a variety of formats.
  • Advice and training on different magnifying glasses to read print.
  • Training to use electronic magnification aids such as a CCTV or Mono Mouse
  • Learning to read using Braille

Independent living skills

  • - Helping you find ways to prepare food or make hot drinks yourself.
  • - Marking dials on your cooker, washing machine etc. and providing you with easy-to-use tools to help you do this.
  • - Helping you tell the time
  • service user learning to make a cup of tea safely - Advising on how you can continue to pursue your favourite leisure activities.
  • - Advising on specialist holidays.

How do I get support from the rehab team?

When you first get in touch with, or get referred to, Bradbury Fields, you'll be allocated to a member of the rehabilitation team. They'll visit you at home to give a formal (but friendly!) assessment of your needs. The aim of this is to identify the difficulties you are experiencing and to discuss with you ways these may be solved.

Shortly after the visit, this rehab team member will create a personal care plan for you, and may provide assistive equipment if necessary. This care plan is a list of the issues identified at the assessment and any work the rehab team member has agreed to carry out with you such as providing information or setting up a training programme.

After your assessment and any subsequent training has been carried out, Bradbury Fields will stay in touch by placing your name and address on our mailing list so that you will receive our newsletters. However, you are free to get back in touch with us at any time if you need any advice, or think you may require further training or equipment or have any other issues relating to your vision.