Information and Advocacy Services

Paul White is our Information and Advocacy Officer and Curtis Miller is our Welfare & Benefits Office.  They specialize in helping visually impaired people to apply for Disability Living Allowance DLA, Personal Independence Payment PIP (that is being introduced to replace DLA) and Attendance Allowance AA.

Here are just a few areas in which Paul and Curtis can help:


  • Discuss your current illness or disabilities and advise on which benefits you maybe entitled too
  • Help to apply for or advise on any other benefits or consessions that maybe available to you
  • Refer you to relevant agancies regarding other benefits such as ESA or Carers allowance
  • Reviews of the rates people receive and help to increase them if appropriate
  • Represent people on appeal through to and including tribunal hearings

Bus Pass and Travel

  • Complete the necessary paperwork to apply for a Disabled Persons travel pass.
  • Provide help with bus routes when travelling in the area by accompanying visually impaired people on public transport to help gain confidence with particular routes.
  • Help with queries on issues relating to sight loss.

If you require any information or advice, please contact Paul on: