I first met Miss X who had been under Alder Hey Children’s hospital for many years, before transferring to St Paul’s Eye Hospital over a year ago. Following her transfer to adult services, it was discussed about registering Miss X as sight impaired (partially sighted). As part of the process she was advised to arrange an appointment with the Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) in order to discuss the process and to complete the necessary documentation. During the appointment with Corinna (ECLO) it was discussed how the registration would benefit Miss X and open doors to services.

Different services and aids that may be of use to Miss X were also discussed, such as a low vision assessment which would assess her suitability for a magnifying device as she has difficulty with reading. I explained to her how lighting could affect her sight, and when this was explained to her she realised that this was indeed a difficulty she was experiencing.

In terms of lighting I also showed Miss X some portable lamps which may be of benefit to her. She found the handheld lamp very efficient for her needs as she feels that when she is in an unfamiliar setting such as a poorly lit environment, that she struggles so this showed her how to get around this obstacle.

Miss X has found having access to an ECLO to be extremely beneficial as she feels she has learnt so much about how to adapt her different environments to suit her needs, some of which she did not even realise she was experiencing. She says that it makes her wonder why she was never introduced to such a service while she was a patient at Alder Hey because she feels had this service been available, then she may have not experienced as many difficulties as she had and also would have been able to act on her concerns almost immediately rather than waiting until being under Adult Services.

Miss X says that meeting with the ECLO has taken a lot of stress out of her everyday life and if she is anxious she is confident that I am at the end of the phone. If she has any concerns I am more than happy to accompany Miss X to hospital appointments.

Miss X says that she feels that this is an extremely positive service.

Miss X’s mother commented:-

“My daughter is partially sighted and profoundly deaf. She has had eyesight problems since birth which were monitored every six months by Alder Hey. Although the service that my daughter was given as a child was excellent, I was dreading the transition to adult services as I was unsure if the service would be as good.

After meeting Corinna, the ECLO at St Paul’s, I knew it was going to be better, the information given to my daughter and the aids that are available for her are amazing! I had never heard of any service like this before. The simplest of things like a brighter light bulb, as we had always used energy saving light bulbs meant that I really felt like I had let my daughter down with regards to the lightening in her own home. I became very emotional and decided to change all the lightening in the house and can see a positive difference in my daughter. Without meeting the ECLO none of this information would have been given to the family.

My daughter is now 19 years of age and with the support of the ECLO, I feel that this service should be available to everybody with a sight impairment. As mother I feel quite relaxed about my daughter’s eyesight knowing that Corinna is at the end of the phone should we have any concerns.”

Corinna Swift
Eye Clinic Liaison Officer
St Paul’s Eye Unit – Royal Liverpool Hospital