BME, Deaf Blind, Children and Young people, ECLO & LVA

BME Services

Bradbury Fields recognizes the need for people from Black and Asian communities to access our services. Following a 3 year research programme it became evident that a specialist worker would need to be recruited who could understand the religious and cultural diversities that exist in Liverpool and to try and address these needs. In 1997 Jamal Abdullah was given this task and continues to successfully encourage people from minority communities to take up these specialist services that Bradbury Fields provides.

For more information on this service, please contact: Jamal Abdullah

Services for deaf blind people

Bradbury Fields provides a specialist service for people who have dual sensory loss. This service consists of,

  • Specialist assessment,
  • Specialist equipment, where necessary,
  • Signposting onto other agencies.

For more information on this service, please contact: Carol Byrne

Children and Young People Services

Bradbury Fields works in partnership with:

  • Liverpool Social Services Department
  • Knowsley Education
  • Knowsley Social Services Department

Bradbury Fields provides a specialist rehab worker, working with visually impaired children and their families. We offer a full range of rehabilitation services including mobility and daily living skills, we also support education with communication skills. Bradbury Fields also offers support to families of children with a visual impairment and we have a full range of demonstration equipment. Bradbury Fields also works in partnership with other agencies to provide social outlets for blind and partially sighted children.

For more information about Liverpool services please contact:

For more information about Knowsley services please contact:

Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO)

The Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) is based at St. Paul’s eye clinic Royal Liverpool Hospital and Elective Care Centre, Aintree Hospital.

ECLO’s can provide the following:

  • Offer initial emotional support and also refer to formal counselling services if required.
  • Provide information to help people understand the reasons for their sight loss.
  • Information and guidance as to the different types of equipment available.
  • Information about local organizations for the visually impaired and refer into these services.
  • To assist people, their relatives and carers to access information and support from the statutory and/or voluntary sectors.
  • To identify patients social needs.
  • To bridge the gap of understanding between health and social services.
  • To provide information to hospital staff regarding services in the community.
  • To be the point of contact for patients and staff.

Low Vision Assessment (LVA)

Do you feel the need for a magnifier for reading and other tasks?
* If you attend an eye hospital your Consultant needs to refer you to the Low Vision Clinic for an assessment for magnifiers.

* If you have been seen by a Consultant within the past 6 months your GP or Bradbury Fields may be able to refer you directly to their Low Vision Clinic.

Do you have a magnifier? Is it difficult to use? Would you like to learn how to use it? If so, then please get in touch.

At Bradbury Fields we can offer training in low vision and the use of low vision aids.

This specialist training will help you to:
• Understand and use your vision in the best possible way for all tasks
• Use magnification for things like reading, puzzles, crafts or mobility purposes

When you have a visual impairment there may be a need to learn specific reading strategies to enable you to read more fluently, with less frustration by finding the best part of your remaining vision.

For advice on low vision services please contact Bradbury Fields:
Tel: 221 0888